True story..

Let’s say her name is Sarah !! I change her name but the story is TRUE !!


« Ivo, impossible to get a decent red wine in America!!! Yesterday I had dinner with a white wine and not able to finish the bottle of wine, So I take the bottle to the street and the waiter stop me and say « Do not bring to the street!!..You will go to jail!!! And he give me a plastic bag to hide the bottle!!…I feel like a criminal. Was Uuuuuuuuppppppp!!!!!!! »

« … i am learning to say « was uuuppppppp! » and also, « really?? I cannot bring the bottle of wine to the street with me?? » and,  » Oh, please Mr. American Policeman, please do not put your handcuffs on me. I only want to drink my beer near the lake. Okay, okay…maybe is 3 or 4 beers!! Would you like a beer, Mr Policeman?? ».

« …I will be very happy to visit you and Jenny and enjoy sailing and wine with you both. That is, if we can hide the wine in your boat until we get out of the frontiers of the United « sober » States!! »

You said freedom … or Democracy ….. YES SIR !!!

Pirata sbarbaro

Do not drink too much.. but just enjoy it  until the final sleep !

« Sarah » will definitely be an « Ambassador » for my wines, if she accepts that challenge !

S'alqueria- Single photo - PETITE



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