New-York , Cadaqués…

Cadaqués: 20°C at 3.00 am, I leave my village, in the dark night. The night before a last drink at MUT & diner at Garbi, Sam’s restaurant…

I drive to get my plane for the USA… too hot, … Almost no cars on the road to Barcelona… Leave my car at the garage, Check-in…. Take off my jumper, definitely too hot.. a little tour at the duty-free for some gifts and shopping. I find the choice quite poor, was expecting much more …with Catalan beeing so wellknow as traders !

Flight for JFK depart on time……ZZZZZZZZZZZ and then arrive !

Within an hour, I am out of the airport, quite a performance  and go for the next « check in » for Minesota… . Incredible queue…2h30 , discusting airport building with ceilings almost falling down… Lunch in a bar that seemed OK…very disapointed: Expensive & crap…. but full of spicy sauces…w….

Go to my boarding gate, nicer area, small plane, quite friendly ambiance on board, allthough hostesses seems to be 75 years old !!  Arrives on time and wait for my friends who are late !! Nice to see them, anyway…. go to get my rental car, very easy, not like in Europe…

VERY impressed by the kindness of people during the all day… makes it easier !

A few good meetings to present my wines, discovering the life of an american family, very interesting ! My friend who is in the wine trade, organised my meetings & seems happy of the results… so do I  !! Answer soon !

Week end still in Minesota, nice weather, but really cold…10°C  !!  Take some time to discover the town and meet Vincent a frenchman, Chef and passionate about Rugby : Welcome to Minneapolis !  Vincent A Restaurant – Minneapolis and St. Paul ..

A good place to be for a Rugby supporter from USAP and for a lovely Cassoulet , especially when it -25°C in the winter….Hopefully by the spring they will have some good Catalans wines !!

Nice seafood restaurant…Crab, oysters…. Villa Maria Sauvignon blanc from New-Zealand: too much gooseberry, and typical for the US market: residual market and acidity…. just missing a GOOOOOOddddd  bottle of Sirenes !!

Sunday morning paper, relaxing, tea, coffee, etc…..then cycling and running !!

Monday…New-York… I’ll arrive at JFK, and’ll get a cab to go to my « B&B  » in greenwich village in Manhattan !

New-York: 11°C….

IVO on Stage….. great evening at a country music club with live band….!

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  1. fbreysse dit :

    Punaise, 75 ans les hôtesses…
    C’EST LA CRISE !!!
    Il faut pretter aux Grecs !!!!!
    Je comprends mieux l’expression vas te faire voir chez les grecs !

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