New-York Tasting, part One

…. Another few hours and there I will be showing my wines for the FIRST Time ever in NEW-YORK !

In the meantime visit of some places in New-York, walk on the 5th avenue, thinking of my girls for shopping !

Every one said to me, « You’ll love it »… well…. it is a BIG place, full of life, a bit noisy, but my flat is in Greenwhich village, so rather calm …

I find it a bit dirty, road tracks in very bad condition, and quite latin with all these people on bikes going through traffic lights, pavement, and even at night with no lights !

Diner last night in a wine bar: « The Ten Bells« , recommended by my friend and french distributor in Toulouse : Franck Bayard ! Nice place, looks like « MUT »**  in term of what they do for food,

Lunch at  CASA MONO, a very nice « spanish » tapas restaurant place with a very extensive list of nice wines. We had a beautiful red wine from Priorat, vintage 2008. Was there with Jordi Bort General Manager of INCAVI, and Nuria from  A.V.C.  while talking we discovered we had a common friend who was General manager for Sopexa Spain: Olivier Dubuquoy …Small world !!

Nice fruit, medium full bodied tannins, soft and round in mouth. A perfect wine for lunch time…and CATALà , enhorabuena !!

Went to see a film with Bradd Pitt: « Moneyball », beautiful film, fantastic song, loved it, although I don’t know anything about that sport !

Kerris Dorsey performs « The Show » by Lenka acoustic song from Moneyball – YouTube

Will there be « Piratas » or « Sirenes » to come and taste & enjoy my wines…. I don’t know ! I just know that the mermaid who is on my label won’t be there …. BUT who is she !! ahahhahaahahaaa

Nobody will ever know ! it’s my secret, I am a pirata from Cadaqués ……. but she knows !

Fins dema ! ( See U tomorrow)


MUT : « THE » wine bar in Cadaqués, run by Valérie & Anna. Good wine list – a bit short – and nice tapas food, with always a smile on their face. Great ambiance and athmosphére.


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