London, Cadaqués & Catalan wines…

The good taste of Cadaqués is picking up in London and more places are offering « Pirata » or « S’Alqueria » two of my wines…. « Sirenes de C…. » arriving next year !!

– Lutyens – in the city – received the wines two weeks ago…. Thank you to Andrew Connor the N-Z Sommelier !!

– In Covent Garden: « The 10 Cases »… This new wine bar in Covent Garden has a policy of 10 whites and 10 reds on their list. Pirata was one of their best wine/feed back so far….. The suckling pig is apparently excelent !  Looks rather nice end very decent prices…Pirata by the glass at 6.4£…

– The Milestone Hotel ( High Street Kensington) carries on Pirata (which is by the glass) and again, great success and feed back from customers…

& also « Hotel du vin » has just taken « Pirata »… Thanks to all the Sommelier and a special thanks to Ronan Sayburn one of the very first Sommelier to list S’Alqueria on the wine list of a great restaurant in London!

– This new wine shop in south London: « The Wine Tasting Shop » owned by Julia Michael will now list Pirata….

18 Hildreth St SW12 9RQ

Transport Balham tube/rail

Telephone 07701 043037 mobile

So….no reason why you should’nt be having a Merry Xristmas and a Very happy new year….



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