Pirata around the world ?

What a nice surprise reading a comment from Juan Carlos Rincon (Rincondecata) that I met in Bordeaux last week. Juan came to visit a lot of nice places and met some extraordinary people :

*Dany Rolland from « Le Bon Pasteur » in Pomerol and « Fontenil » in Fronsac – a small area producing more masculine style of Merlot wines and that I particularly enjoy: ROLLAND COLLECTION, Dany et Michel Rolland.

*François Despagne from Château Grand Corbin Despagne & Annabelle Cruse-Bardinet – next door – at Château CORBIN both friends producing very nice wines.

..so we had a nice diner together with Dany & Virginie Rolland after a tasting at « El Asador » a very good spanish restaurant in Bordeaux. ( don’t forget that Spain ins just 2.30 hour by car..)

Bordeaux 2012 - Juan Carlos - Ivo - Dany Rolland.

Bordeaux 2012 – Juan Carlos – Ivo – Dany Rolland.

« What a nice surprise! fruity-spicy #wine Pirata Especial from Empordà made by catalan Ivo Pages: mix of vintages! w/suggestive orange label » Juan Carlos

Ben Austin – Sommelier – just added:  » I love that #wine. I’ve had it on my list for 6 months now. People love it! »

Thanks to all of you for these comments… it is just a great reward for me and the people I work with developing my project….. slowly !

Sirenes de Cadaqués

Sirenes de Cadaqués

Try and enjoy also « Sirenes de Cad(aqués) » our delicious dry white wine, fruity but not too much, round and rather full bodied, beautiful…. and also  » S’Alqueria 2006  » a great red wine produced with grapes from very old plots not irrigated, just an amazing wine with ageing…



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