EWBC 2011 in Brescia.

mercredi, 19 octobre, 2011

The European Wine Bloggers Conference…

…took part this year in the north of Italy in Brescia. I went there to meet friends from the previous edition which was in Lisboa and meet and deliver wines to my local customers ….

When you are over 250 bloggers the best is to start with a good party…. BYOB !!

Great evening, some a bit nervous seeing so many faces unknown, but with a few glasses shared, exchanged, the evening was just GREAT ! I particularly loved a beautiful Pinot Blanc from Austria – Georgiberg –  and a superbe Dolcetto d’Ovada ( the 1990 Franciacorta El Mosnel was not bad at all tooooo :))))

Couldn’t resist the invitation to go out for a beer « unpasteurized »…really nice !

First day: meetings in Santa Giulia… By the way, my daughter is called Giulia not after the Saint but after the « Alfa Romeo Giulia » :)))

Various meetings about photos, videos, etc….

« Why do people often shoot at pretty birds… »

Plenty of great people, students from Dijon, Portuguese, Savoyards, Spanish, American (lots  :))) ), Austrian, Catalans, French and even Belgium… over 36 nations  !!

Great diner hosted by Franciacorta producers. Very nice indeed !

Missed the meetings int he morning of the second day,….. French rugby team was playing against the Welsh team to be into the final…and WE WON ( French & Catalans..)….

Then I went back to meet again the group & friends and was stopped  « en-route » by Lionel for a quick lunch.

« Les Beaux Gosses « 

We ended up in a restaurant I had already been to,( Lo Scultore) … so bloody friendly.

Started to eat, drink and talk with Lionel. Next to us was a single woman was asking for wine, and tasting and commenting in various languages with the owner of the restaurant….

We had’nt seen her at the EWBC, (mind you 280 people… can’t picture everyone, even pretty girls !). Anyway we ended up sharing glasses – of Ripasso della Valpolicella- and came back together for the afternoon talks: The girl was Alexandra Corvo !!

Great tasting at the end of the aftrernoon…. with some top Italians that I already knew and some true discoveries like the delicious wines from Piemonte di Ettore Germano…

Evening went to the « official diner » hosted in La Loggia. The Lord Mayor could not even welcome us in an other language than his « bresciano »..a real plonker !!

Very long & got bored waiting, so I escaped ( à l’anglaise) to go and drink Amarone with a nice  rare steack and some gorgeous local cheese,  in a quieter ambiance and a quick service ! !

I went back to meet the friends for the leaving party…until 3.00 am !!

10.00 am Next day was already time to the leave…a quick way back through France to visit customers ….

I enjoyed it very much again, met new people, saw friends from the business, and had good fun ! Many thanks to Robert, Ryan, Gabriella and to all the others who helped them and make our time there so great.

Now it’s time to relax with some Pirata, Cheeeerrrrrrssss :))))









Vinexpo J-1….

samedi, 20 juin, 2009

Great weather today.. a few phones calls from friends arriving….

Just have to recover from last night:

Tour around Bordeaux center: Allées de tourny with  » les épicuriales », old streets very busy too.

A quick bite to eat at « Le Bouchon Bordelais de Frédéric Vigouroux« ;


a glass of white from the Despagne family my starter: snails as his grand-mére used to prepare them… Great !   then a beautiful piece of lamb and a Listrac 2004…

Went to meet some friends at  » LE WINE BAR  » and Yannick the Chef from a very good italian restaurant   » la Toscane «  was there: One bottle of still chardonnay from « Champagne Giraud ».. excellent stuff, very mineral, superbe after diner !…then a bottle of Amarone Tomaso Bussola TB 2001…outstanding.. and then a bottle of the basic Champagne from Giraud and also the one from their mid range….. just before leaving… a Moscato di Pantelleria from « Zi Star »: De Bartoli BUKKURAM.. My friend bought it through internet in Italy, as the french importer has got silly prices !… talk, talk, talk.. 4.am….. went to bed.

10.00 am delivery and visit of customers….life !

2.00 pm Great tasting at Chateau Siaurac in Lalande de Pomerol ( http://www.baronneguichard.com ) organised by « L’A grappe » or « La Grappe »…


Met the owners: Paul and Aline Goldsmith, particularly welcoming…….


Saw Stephane Derenoncourt with Christine his wife….. tasted a good dozen of wines.. very interesting turkish white and reds madeby a company producing 18 millions bottles ( 20% export…) and gorgious 2004 Le Pin Beausoleil !!!

– Le Pin Beausoleil 2004  Bordeaux – Okuzgozu 2008  Turkey – Vray Croix de Gay 2008 Pomerol.

Tonight a little rest.. a few tastings and meeting tomorrow !

Bona nit.. good night !

S'alqueria- Single photo - PETITE