Adegga: André Ribeirinho

dimanche, 31 janvier, 2010

André Ribeirinho is felling like a Rock Star as he appears in DN , the National portuguese paper !

Adegga is the project that André started. 3 years ago I quit my day job at SAPO and decided to work full-time on this project.

Adegga (Twitter) is an online wine community where anyone can track the wines that are drinking (to help remember later) and share that experience with other people.

  • Adegga now has over 100.000 unique visitors every month and includes over 10.000 tasting notes from its members. Together consumers are changing the wine world by creating a new wine recommendation era where trust and conversation are more important than status.
  • Adegga is now a platform with a soon be released API and Mobile application for the IPhone & Android.
  • Wine producers can use Adegga to talk about their wines, present their winery or launch a new wine. Cortes de Cima and Quevedo are two of wine producers already doing it.

AVIN, an ISBN for Wine

  • The AVIN (Twitter) is a unique identifier for each wine. Think of it as an ISBN for Wine.
  • Like with books, every wine should have a unique number. This will help consumers get more information out of each bottle of wine and help them make smarter decisions.
  • 2 years ago we created the concept of Dynamic Wine Labels allowing anyone with a camera-enabled mobile phone to read the label and access wine reviews, wine prices and a lot more information from anywhere.
  • Cortes de Cima, Quevedo, O’Vineyards were the first to use the AVIN.
  • Now, over 1 million wine labels have been printed with a Dynamic Wine Label including an AVIN and a QRCode
  • Wineries interested in getting an AVIN for their wines should contact us.

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