Eating in Barcelona area….

mardi, 18 septembre, 2012

Leaving my beautiful village of Cadaqués and my friends’ restaurants.. discovering some new places, at least for me !

DAY 1….

First stop in Palamos, crossing the whole town, parking by the side of the sea and a little walk into the old town to get to « Restaurant La Menta« 

La Menta Palamos. Carte.

La Menta Palamos. Carte.

A big smile from Agathe welcomes me. I met her a few months earlier while she was working at « Plaça del vi »  (Plaça del Vi )   the fabulous place to drink great wines and eat excellent Catalan cuisine in Girona! Grand sourire d’Agathe que j’avais connue avant à Plaça del Vi a Girona.

Now Agathe and Roger have their own restaurant ! It already had a good reputation, but now it is theirs ! I sit outside, the weather is good at this time of the year, just cool enough !

Jose Luis Matteo...Galicia

Jose Luis Matteo…Galicia

Some nibbles to eat while looking at the « carta »….

Agathe is offering me a selection of Rogers’s cooking…. Great, I will only have to choose the wine ! I look at the wine list . Got it.. the white wine from Jose Luis Mateo.. a long time since I have drunk any… Alanda 2010, DO Monterei, Galicia, fabulous freshness, elegance and length…What a pleasure to drink it  and how fabulous to go with the marvelous lunch….. Déjeuner préparé par Roger. Je n’ai qu’a choisir le vin; Facile ! Alanda 2010, DO Monterei, Galicia, superbe fraicheur, élagant et suffisament long en bouche avec un superbe équilibre.

La Menta Sardines

La Menta Sardines

– Sardines marinated with Joselito’s thin slices of « lard »…. velvet in the mouth…. Sardines marinées et lard de Joselito !

– Cannelloni with green veggies… light and very tasty ! Cannelonis farçis et légumes: super agréables.

La Menta Arroz - Rice

La Menta Arroz – Rice

– Seafood rice with Gambas rojas (red gambas) a local speciality… GOOORRRGGIIOOUUSSSS….. Riz aux fruits de mer ENOOOORMEEEE !

La Menta Calamares a la plancha

La Ment; Calamares a la plancha

– Calamars a la perfect…..

Tel: 972 314 709

Tauler I Servia, 1
17230 Palamos

Driving south, having a nice siesta though on the way to my friend Christophe!

Diner d'amis...

Diner entre amis…

A nice welcoming table with great wines…. Yes, I can hear some of you say… « he  never stops ».. Well some times I do, but I love food and food & wine pairing, and this is also the way I have chosen to promote my wines as well… Diner chez mon ami Christophe; Super délicieux et convivial !

Great Grenache blanc d’Embres & Castelmaure, and superbe vin de paille 1996 de la famille Tissot along with 3-4 other superb red wines… what a treat….

DAY 2 … Meetings with contacts…. hopefully new customers 🙂 ….

 la Cova Bruma, cap i pota...

la Cova Fumada, cap i pota…

A quick tour in Barceloneta to La Cova Fumada  (932 21 40 61) for a snack lunch at the bar with a « got de vi negre »… just an amazing place, everything is fresh (no fridge…) and cooked daily…. for a few « euros » you have a great meal !

La Cova Fumada une halte obligatoire pour decouvrrir la vrai cuisine « de toda la vida  » Catalane, et super pichet de vins rouge ! 

Not enough time to go and see my friend MIRKO CARTURAN in Caldes de Monbui but I am already planning a « special trip » with my Catalan friends… Pas eu le temps de passer mon ami Mirko mais cela n’est que partie remise. Super cuisine aussi !

Dinner was planned in advance weeks ago at this new palce in Sabadell?

I can hear you ! « Where is that?  Sabadell, spell it again? » well 30 minutes north of Barcelona…. « Why should I go there to have dinner »? Just because I told you and I go…  🙂  « and »….

El Fil D'Ariadna; Sabadell

El Fil D’Ariadna; Sabadell

El Fil d’Ariadna is in the city centre, next to the « Mercado », easy parking.. Nice looking place. The whole gang is there…. 8 of us and 10 bottles going from Gramona – 2004 Sauvignon; a Jeroboam of Terra Remota 2010, La Roche aux Moines Saveniéres – at least a great Loire wine, not like that shit from Coulée de Serrant ;  Saint Joseph 2009 de Pierre Gonon; Viñas del Cadastro 2009 from Olivier Riviére; MV from Canet Valette ( Mourvédre); Saint Chinian from Canet Valette (old vintage); Closde l’oum; a swiss wine Clos des Cornassins(?) and to start, for the « apéritif », a unique sparkling beaujolais Gamay soooooo refreshing !

Au centre de Sabadell.. Le Fil d’Ariadna: GRAND moment au niveau de la cuisine !

El Fil d'Ariadna: Tasting !

El Fil d’Ariadna: Tasting !


–  Pig crackling, A classic !

El Fil D'Ariadna, Pulpito

El Fil D’Ariadna, Pulpito

– small pulpito in it’s ink, sage and pepper… huuuummmm perfect cooking, almost as good as The great Chef Paco Perez‘ ones …

– Stuffed « fleur de courgette »… light and delicious….

El Fil d'Ariadna; uevos i salsa cremosa de trufas...

El Fil d’Ariadna; uevos i salsa cremosa de trufas…

– soft boiled egg (Oeuf mollet), with truffle sauce…. still have the perfume in my mouth after 4 days !

El Fil d'Ariadna, Rouget, Red mullet....

El Fil d’Ariadna, Rouget, Red mullet….

– Red mullet (rouget) stuffed with fresh veggies … OUTSTANDING with a bit of fresh olive oil..

El Fil d'Ariadna.... huuuummmmm

El Fil d’Ariadna…. huuuummmmm

– Bavette with « cépes »….. can’t speak…. juust sooooo good!

– Pork lard with « cépes »….. creamy inside and crunchy outside… very, very unique experience !

some bit of Spanish parmesan, quite delicious but different from the real stuff! (sweeter..)

Pudding…. coffee, carajillo…..  and quickly back to Christophe’s place for a perfect ZZZZzzzzRRRRzzzz  rrrrrZZZZZ…..

El Fil d'Ariadna...The End !

El Fil d’Ariadna…The End !

The whole dinner was not just perfect, but elegant , delicious cooking, authentic products and specialities and at the same time very easy for any « food- lover » to enjoy, i.e., « nothing too strange … »

No need to say that Ariadna, although she is a pretty young Chef, has a great experience in terms of cooking.

It is a place where every dish is a special treat and a real pleasure…. Go, go , go Ariadna, go !

Tel: 935 372 563

c/ Sant Jaume, 19
08201 Sabadell


Vinisud & Cadaqués…

lundi, 27 février, 2012

Vinisud, commença avec un arrêt à Béziers au Chameau Ivre de Philippe Catusse.  Vinisud started with a stop in Béziers at « Le Chameau Ivre » where I met a bunch of french friends producers…

Rencontre de plein de copains: Fred & Romain, « Le Président De Marien » d’Embres & Castelmaure,  Vincent Pousson: Le blog de Vincent Pousson, Carlos du Restaurant Villa Mas à San Feliu de Guixols (Girona) Tél: 972 82 25 26 – Mathieu Cosse en version Provençal: Château la Coste – Provence etc…  Met Fred & Romain, »Le Président De Marien » from Embres & Castelmaure,  Vincent Pousson, Carlos the fabulous Chef from Villa Mas, Mathieu Cosse as a Provençal producer, etc…   Lire le reste de cette entrée »