Parker, Jay Miller y España…

mercredi, 30 novembre, 2011

Quieres un 99, un 95, un 89, es fácil…

Pagas y recibes la punctuacion magica que te abre las puertas del mercado de los Estados Unidos i muchos mas: Europa, China, etc….

« 20000 euros goes to Pancho…normal visits are 40000. Miller gets about 10000 to speak at these places. Does Pancho keep the rest or does a large chunk go to RP to participate in Wine Future? »

El Jay Miller i el Pancho Campo estan bien organizados… Como puede ser que el Grande Robert Parker del Wine Advocate deja uno locos perdidos destrozar el trabajo de una vida?

Jim’s Loire: Campogate: No Pay – No Jay.

I también

The Gray Report: Dear Robert Parker: You MUST address the latest Jay Miller scandal

La verdad es que estamos artos de esta practicas que desonoran los productores españoles i los vinos de España !

Hasta cuando el gilipoia de Jay Miller estara cobrando para escribir i punctuar a los vinos de Espanya…mis vinos no tendrán comentarios o puntuación de este ……..

Esperamos que nos contesta Robert Parker himself … a ver !!


Dr Jay Miller: 20/100 – Wine Advocate in Catalunya…

lundi, 27 juin, 2011

Early january of this year Dr Jay Miller was hosted to visit and discover Catalunya. A lot of people complained about his helicopter tours, lunches, etc…. I think it is important for us producers to welcome journalists, as it can be organised in other great areas : Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Piemonte, Tuscany,etc…

What I hate, are errors and wrong informations….

« Catalunya is a region on the Mediterranean coast that encompasses a part of southern France and a part of northeast Spain, many of whose inhabitants consider themselves Catalan first and foremost. Many still speak the indigenous language (now recognized in Spain as the official language of the region). Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city and a major seaport is the Catalan capital and a wonderful place for wine tourists to base themselves while visiting Bodegas.

Catalunya’s wine history began in the 1870’s when Cava started…… » Dr Jay MILLER WINE ADVOCATE

1st mistake: CATALUNYA is a COUNTRY….not a region…and maybe one day a State !

2nd mistake: Our language has been one of the most important around Mediterranean before Colomb discovered the « new world »….

3rd mistake: we are not « Catalan first », Just Catalan with a french or spanish passport …..

4th mistake: Catalunya’s wine history began much earlier than that, sorry mate !! 6th Century before J-C when the greek colony built the city of « Empuries » today’s known as « Ampuriabrava »…(History – D.O. Empordà)

Pancho Campo M.W. – Christopher Canan; Clos Figueres Priorat –

Dr Jay Miller; Wine Advocate – René Barbier, « el Grande »…

I feel really sorry for my american friends, readers of the wine advocate -for which i have a great respect even if I do not agree always with them – and consumers, that a « journalist » can’t do his job properly !!

YouTube – Jay Miller a BCN

Pancho Campo is the first spanish Master of Wine. His business is to promote Spanish wines: The Wine Academy 

Christopher Cannan: I have been for many years in the business prior setting up « Vinya ivo » and know Christopher… He has made an excellent work for small and medium size french, italian and spanish producers with « Europvin« .  He is a producer in Clos Figueras and is a close friend of René Barbier .

René Barbier met him once briefly…. Love his wines… would love to meet him . I do not know him personaly. I hope I will meet him one day !

Dr Jay Miller :  « Ignorant » = 20/100 .. So you are welcome to visit AGAIN Catalunya and you might hopefully get 85/100 ….. next time !



« The most impressive wine ……the wine is certainly  classed-growth standard, and really distinctive. »
Jancis Robinson M.W.