Cadaqués é l’Italia…

jeudi, 13 octobre, 2011

Before arriving in Brescia, I take the opportunity to meet  some friends who are producers in Northern Italy…..

Carlo & Alessandra :azienda agricola Monte dall’Ora are producing delicious Valpolicella and Amarone  and are Biodynamic. Visit of the cellar, talk & tasting: 2011 vintage from the cask and some bottles too. I love their wines because I can drink them so easily, beautiful pure fruit, lengh just enough, to drink with a perfusion, not a glass  :)))

Went to see Matilde in Bardolino. Le Fraghe: nice family estate, tried all the wines from 2011 vintage. Loved the beautiful Cabernet Franc & the new chiaretto…

I know it sounds very french, but the classic Bordeaux grapes are very popular here to the point that you can find also Carmemére in some parts …

End of the day with a visit of my dear friend Graziano: Azienda Agricola Prà .. I met Graziano when he started his business – a few years ago – and introduced his wines in the UK while a friend of mine did Germany for him…. A  Long friendly relationship ! Went to a nice trattoria for a quick diner.. He is still in harvest, so he wakes up early  !!

Beautiful visit int the morning around the hills of Soave… 30% only of the appellation is on the hills….. then there is the flood, from the valley with no interest for the wine « amateur », just for money !

Arrival at the Hotel Vittoria in the city center.. beautiful, old style !

Like in the song…. the bed is too big …  :)))

Will meet my friend Davide from Brescia, this afternoon, as well as friends who arrived for the EWBC event ..great !

Great & delicious lunch at «  Lo Scultore cucina e vini » – Via Cattaneo 24 ( 7 min form Hotel Vittoria), Fab. food including pasta & Burgers made with local meat, cheese etc…

MadeinBrescia | Il « buono » della Provincia Bresciana

Ciao, Cheers !