Lo Scultore in Brescia

vendredi, 21 octobre, 2011

13 Ottobre : Doppo un bel giro alla cantina dell mio caro amico Graziano Prà, arrivo a Brescia 12.30 Hotel Vittoria nell centro cità ! bellissimo…  Arriving in Brescia – Arrivée à l’: Hotel Vittoria

Ho fame , dove vado….bôôôô ?  Chiamo Davide… ( I am Hungry, where can I go for lunch??  – j’ai faim ou puis je aller déjeuner???)

– « Davide, Ivo, sono arrivato dove posso andare a mania? » é li spiego quello che mi piacerebbe…

– Cé un locale via… che si chiama « Il scultore »….. vai , lo chiamo ! ( le restaurant  -The restaurant : Lo Scultore.)

… 13.30 Arrivo ! locale simpatico, non ho molto fame, ma é soltanto il piacere di essere di nuovo in Italia: i colori, la gente, il rumore, i profumi, …. tutto !  (everything is so cool, refreshing.. tout est sympa, les couleurs, les parfums…)

Mi consigliano due piatti e un vino rosso simpatico, legero é  « non barricato »…. TUTTO giusto; il vino andava molto bene con i piatti e so tornato al nostro meeting ! ( just ONE advice and it was GREAT -Juste un conseil et ce qui suivit était excellent..) 

15 Ottobre.. ancora a Brescia, si, si !! un pirlo ci vuole, no !! (A PIRLO, please… Un PIRLO siouplait… )

1/3 CAMPARI (best with APEROL an italian brand)
1/3 VINO BIANCO (Dry white wine with NO Residual sugar, and NOT too aromatic – Pinot grigio, tocai friulano)
1/3 SELZ (Sparkling water)
Ice and and a slice of Orange…Cheers !!

13.00 Business meetings la mattina, pero la Francia e in semi-finale della copa dell mondo di Rugby…. allora vado da Davide per vedere il partito, « en famille »….

Doppo questa granda partita, torno ai « Business meetings ». Sull camino incontro un amico col cuale decidiamo di andare a mangiare a « Lo Scultore »…

Di nuovo, pranzo molto buono, simpatico, encontramo anche altre persone….. Federico spiega i vini a una bellisima ragazza, sola, che sembra molto interessati ai vini: RARISSIMO !!…. li propongo un bicchiere da assagiare dell nostro Ripasso…. chiacheramo e scopriamo che anche lei fa parte dell nostro incontro…. bello !

(Again great lunch with a friend and meeting other foody and wine people from Brazil ! De nouveau au restaurant avec un ami et rencontre avec d’autres epicuriens et passionnés de vins..)

20h30 Siamo invitati a la Loggia.. 300 personne…. Speech del Sindaco (tutto in Italiano e siamo 35 nazione.. che figura !!) alle 21.50 siamo ancora agli antipasti… scappo, non ne posso più, ritrovero i miei amici piu tardi per festeggiare, pero ho voglia di tornare a « Lo Scultore »….. carne, vino, « ambiance » !

10.00..pieno… per fortuna Frederico capisce la mia desesperazione e mi trova un tavolo !! ( Help, Frederico I need to have a nice diner… – Frederico, j’ai besoin d’une table pour bien diner ! )

Filet & Amarone..fame, carne, Vino… « basta pasta » !!

Un grande tavolo alla mia destra un altro alla mia sinistra – gruppi di amici – e davanti il Dottore !

Offro al Dottore un puo dell mio Amarone… e sempre un piacere di condividere un buon vino che anche va molto bene con un formaggio FANTASTICO che scopro…. ( I shared a glass of my Amarone with the Gentleman in front of me – j’offre un vin de mon Amarone à la personne en face moi, trés sympa !..)

Il tavolo a destra mi regala un puo dell suo déssert….. ( The table on my right offer me some of their pudding.. – La table a ma droite m’offre un peu de son déssert..)

Questo é l’Italia che conosco, che ritrovo é che amo tantissimo…. ( So happy to find that there is still a beautiful Italy, like the one I knew when a child – Super content de retrouver l’Italie de mon enfance que j’aime tant !)

Parlamo un puo con il Dottore e amici suio… prendo un paio di « Toscani »….. gia é l’una della mattina…. torno all Hotel Vittoria e ritrovo i miei amici,  si balla fino alle 3.30.. zzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzz

Comunque, anche si tutto e « Made in Brescia« , hanno una buona selezione di vini spagnoli.. vedremmo !

16 Ottobre… 8.30 sveglia…. continuo il mio giro e vado via per la Francia…..  Ciao Brescia, a presto… faremmo un assaggio dei miei vini, perche sono sicuro che ci saranno belli intercambi  !  Grazie mille a Davide, Frederico e alle personne che ho avuto il piacere di conoscere ! A Presto !

Via Carlo Cattaneo, 24
25121 Brescia, Italie
030 2943967

Da martedi a sabato.

Ristorante Lo Scultore cucina e vini

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EWBC 2011 in Brescia.

mercredi, 19 octobre, 2011

The European Wine Bloggers Conference…

…took part this year in the north of Italy in Brescia. I went there to meet friends from the previous edition which was in Lisboa and meet and deliver wines to my local customers ….

When you are over 250 bloggers the best is to start with a good party…. BYOB !!

Great evening, some a bit nervous seeing so many faces unknown, but with a few glasses shared, exchanged, the evening was just GREAT ! I particularly loved a beautiful Pinot Blanc from Austria – Georgiberg –  and a superbe Dolcetto d’Ovada ( the 1990 Franciacorta El Mosnel was not bad at all tooooo :))))

Couldn’t resist the invitation to go out for a beer « unpasteurized »…really nice !

First day: meetings in Santa Giulia… By the way, my daughter is called Giulia not after the Saint but after the « Alfa Romeo Giulia » :)))

Various meetings about photos, videos, etc….

« Why do people often shoot at pretty birds… »

Plenty of great people, students from Dijon, Portuguese, Savoyards, Spanish, American (lots  :))) ), Austrian, Catalans, French and even Belgium… over 36 nations  !!

Great diner hosted by Franciacorta producers. Very nice indeed !

Missed the meetings int he morning of the second day,….. French rugby team was playing against the Welsh team to be into the final…and WE WON ( French & Catalans..)….

Then I went back to meet again the group & friends and was stopped  « en-route » by Lionel for a quick lunch.

« Les Beaux Gosses « 

We ended up in a restaurant I had already been to,( Lo Scultore) … so bloody friendly.

Started to eat, drink and talk with Lionel. Next to us was a single woman was asking for wine, and tasting and commenting in various languages with the owner of the restaurant….

We had’nt seen her at the EWBC, (mind you 280 people… can’t picture everyone, even pretty girls !). Anyway we ended up sharing glasses – of Ripasso della Valpolicella- and came back together for the afternoon talks: The girl was Alexandra Corvo !!

Great tasting at the end of the aftrernoon…. with some top Italians that I already knew and some true discoveries like the delicious wines from Piemonte di Ettore Germano…

Evening went to the « official diner » hosted in La Loggia. The Lord Mayor could not even welcome us in an other language than his « bresciano »..a real plonker !!

Very long & got bored waiting, so I escaped ( à l’anglaise) to go and drink Amarone with a nice  rare steack and some gorgeous local cheese,  in a quieter ambiance and a quick service ! !

I went back to meet the friends for the leaving party…until 3.00 am !!

10.00 am Next day was already time to the leave…a quick way back through France to visit customers ….

I enjoyed it very much again, met new people, saw friends from the business, and had good fun ! Many thanks to Robert, Ryan, Gabriella and to all the others who helped them and make our time there so great.

Now it’s time to relax with some Pirata, Cheeeerrrrrrssss :))))









Cadaqués é l’Italia…

jeudi, 13 octobre, 2011

Before arriving in Brescia, I take the opportunity to meet  some friends who are producers in Northern Italy…..

Carlo & Alessandra :azienda agricola Monte dall’Ora are producing delicious Valpolicella and Amarone  and are Biodynamic. Visit of the cellar, talk & tasting: 2011 vintage from the cask and some bottles too. I love their wines because I can drink them so easily, beautiful pure fruit, lengh just enough, to drink with a perfusion, not a glass  :)))

Went to see Matilde in Bardolino. Le Fraghe: nice family estate, tried all the wines from 2011 vintage. Loved the beautiful Cabernet Franc & the new chiaretto…

I know it sounds very french, but the classic Bordeaux grapes are very popular here to the point that you can find also Carmemére in some parts …

End of the day with a visit of my dear friend Graziano: Azienda Agricola Prà .. I met Graziano when he started his business – a few years ago – and introduced his wines in the UK while a friend of mine did Germany for him…. A  Long friendly relationship ! Went to a nice trattoria for a quick diner.. He is still in harvest, so he wakes up early  !!

Beautiful visit int the morning around the hills of Soave… 30% only of the appellation is on the hills….. then there is the flood, from the valley with no interest for the wine « amateur », just for money !

Arrival at the Hotel Vittoria in the city center.. beautiful, old style !

Like in the song…. the bed is too big …  :)))

Will meet my friend Davide from Brescia, this afternoon, as well as friends who arrived for the EWBC event ..great !

Great & delicious lunch at «  Lo Scultore cucina e vini » – Via Cattaneo 24 ( 7 min form Hotel Vittoria), Fab. food including pasta & Burgers made with local meat, cheese etc…

MadeinBrescia | Il « buono » della Provincia Bresciana

Ciao, Cheers !