New-York Tasting part 2

lundi, 14 novembre, 2011

Mis vinos el Metropolitan Pavilion de New-York…

10.00 am… Guest starts to arrive for the presentation of the catalan wines made by Pitu Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca – Second best restaurant in the World !!

 I can catch with my Iphone Radio Cap de Creus « on live » , so nice to have some news while in New-York !! Nuria does the translation while « Pitu » speaks…. the room is full and the guest very attentive !

The day is long but quite a few good contacts, to follow in the near future.

I take the opportunity to taste the wines from some other producers:  Very interesting, discovering a « specific » grape form Terra Alta and some others delicious Catalan wines….Visitors loved my labels and the wines too, let’s hope we can do something !

I keep  meeting importers and presenting my wines while visiting New-York, as well as having drinks and diner with old friends I had not seen for years: Great !

Great experience in this restaurant recommended by a friend of mine : « Diner« .... Came to eat a « T-bone steack » but…. no meat for lunch… « we serve only light meals »…Fuck it ! So I order a proper burger with real meat, delicious spicy tomato sauce and what an ambiance, with a bottle of french wine. I have to explain myself  » I am french….. and wine producer…… so I drink wine and support my colleagues….Not sure he understands me, one bottle for one guy, doesn’t seams normal to him ». He comes back to me and tells me the producer which wine I am drinking are coming to tonight for some meat: Lucky Mr & Mme Breton from Domaine Breton 

Love the déco 70’s style…fell like Bruce Springsteen or Bob Seger are going to appear !

The first time I hear » Sorry we don’t have Coca-Cola…. but we have a local cola »…

Cross the bridge from Brooklyn back to Manhattan….walking in New-York, that’s a great experience too & when tired just grab a yellow cab trying to get a « Ford » one and not these modern « SUV style ones » ! ….

….still american flags everywhere, would be nice to see the same in Catalunya, Spain or France more often !

Amazed by the kindness of every one met during my first stay: my friends – seems normal :))) – people in the street when you ask your way; in bars; in restaurants; driving – incredible how relaxing it is although driving rules are different.. -; to get my train: in the cab – especially when you say you are a wine producer… – One of my Cab driver was very happy to tell me he liked « Mouton-Cadet » (for France…:))) ) and Concha y Tro for « nice and cheap Cab. Sauv. – 2 brands within the TOP 10 . In fact it « seemed so much » that I don’t know it I had coped with it for another week ! ONE major problem, could’nt find A PLACE where to drink a proper « espresso », even in New-York…just can’t believe it !

Another day.. last one ! Shopping for the kids on 5th Avenue….

… packing and train to go and meet a friend who’s in the wine business too and celebrate 11-11-11 at his house before getting back tomorrow…

A few expressions: « OOOOOHHHH MY GOOOODDD », « Geeeee », « Hi man ! »

Will be back, definitely: haven’t tried travelling by bus, need to see more « country music clubs » with my friends, etc… 2 to 3 time a year will be a good way to discover and enjoy AMERICA and promote my wines which will be available begining of 2012… YEEEAAAHHHH !!



New-York Tasting, part One

mercredi, 9 novembre, 2011

…. Another few hours and there I will be showing my wines for the FIRST Time ever in NEW-YORK !

In the meantime visit of some places in New-York, walk on the 5th avenue, thinking of my girls for shopping !

Every one said to me, « You’ll love it »… well…. it is a BIG place, full of life, a bit noisy, but my flat is in Greenwhich village, so rather calm …

I find it a bit dirty, road tracks in very bad condition, and quite latin with all these people on bikes going through traffic lights, pavement, and even at night with no lights !

Diner last night in a wine bar: « The Ten Bells« , recommended by my friend and french distributor in Toulouse : Franck Bayard ! Nice place, looks like « MUT »**  in term of what they do for food,

Lunch at  CASA MONO, a very nice « spanish » tapas restaurant place with a very extensive list of nice wines. We had a beautiful red wine from Priorat, vintage 2008. Was there with Jordi Bort General Manager of INCAVI, and Nuria from  A.V.C.  while talking we discovered we had a common friend who was General manager for Sopexa Spain: Olivier Dubuquoy …Small world !!

Nice fruit, medium full bodied tannins, soft and round in mouth. A perfect wine for lunch time…and CATALà , enhorabuena !!

Went to see a film with Bradd Pitt: « Moneyball », beautiful film, fantastic song, loved it, although I don’t know anything about that sport !

Kerris Dorsey performs « The Show » by Lenka acoustic song from Moneyball – YouTube

Will there be « Piratas » or « Sirenes » to come and taste & enjoy my wines…. I don’t know ! I just know that the mermaid who is on my label won’t be there …. BUT who is she !! ahahhahaahahaaa

Nobody will ever know ! it’s my secret, I am a pirata from Cadaqués ……. but she knows !

Fins dema ! ( See U tomorrow)


MUT : « THE » wine bar in Cadaqués, run by Valérie & Anna. Good wine list – a bit short – and nice tapas food, with always a smile on their face. Great ambiance and athmosphére.

New-York , Cadaqués…

lundi, 7 novembre, 2011

Cadaqués: 20°C at 3.00 am, I leave my village, in the dark night. The night before a last drink at MUT & diner at Garbi, Sam’s restaurant…

I drive to get my plane for the USA… too hot, … Almost no cars on the road to Barcelona… Leave my car at the garage, Check-in…. Take off my jumper, definitely too hot.. a little tour at the duty-free for some gifts and shopping. I find the choice quite poor, was expecting much more …with Catalan beeing so wellknow as traders !

Flight for JFK depart on time……ZZZZZZZZZZZ and then arrive !

Within an hour, I am out of the airport, quite a performance  and go for the next « check in » for Minesota… . Incredible queue…2h30 , discusting airport building with ceilings almost falling down… Lunch in a bar that seemed OK…very disapointed: Expensive & crap…. but full of spicy sauces…w….

Go to my boarding gate, nicer area, small plane, quite friendly ambiance on board, allthough hostesses seems to be 75 years old !!  Arrives on time and wait for my friends who are late !! Nice to see them, anyway…. go to get my rental car, very easy, not like in Europe…

VERY impressed by the kindness of people during the all day… makes it easier !

A few good meetings to present my wines, discovering the life of an american family, very interesting ! My friend who is in the wine trade, organised my meetings & seems happy of the results… so do I  !! Answer soon !

Week end still in Minesota, nice weather, but really cold…10°C  !!  Take some time to discover the town and meet Vincent a frenchman, Chef and passionate about Rugby : Welcome to Minneapolis !  Vincent A Restaurant – Minneapolis and St. Paul ..

A good place to be for a Rugby supporter from USAP and for a lovely Cassoulet , especially when it -25°C in the winter….Hopefully by the spring they will have some good Catalans wines !!

Nice seafood restaurant…Crab, oysters…. Villa Maria Sauvignon blanc from New-Zealand: too much gooseberry, and typical for the US market: residual market and acidity…. just missing a GOOOOOOddddd  bottle of Sirenes !!

Sunday morning paper, relaxing, tea, coffee, etc…..then cycling and running !!

Monday…New-York… I’ll arrive at JFK, and’ll get a cab to go to my « B&B  » in greenwich village in Manhattan !

New-York: 11°C….

IVO on Stage….. great evening at a country music club with live band….!

2006: Cata, dégustation, tasting.

vendredi, 19 septembre, 2008

Dans cette région l’Empordan – Empordà Il y est aisé de trouver des vins bons ou même délicieux. Mais cela se complique si les souhaits de l’amateur sont exigeants, car trop souvent la recherche des structures de bouche et des beaux équilibres reste vaine. J’ai effectivement essayer de faire un vin avec une forte personnalité: fragile, puissant, élégant.

S’Alqueria affiche sa profondeur – couleur et sa culture régionale d’une matière très appuyée, il me parait fondamental que ce vin soit un vrai vin Català et ne ressemble à RIEN d’autre, qu’il soit en fait le reflet le plus exact de ce terroir d’exception – en ayant l’intelligence de ne pas tomber dans la caricature sphérique et creuse.

Un nez profond, parfums de fruits rouges frais, notes de grillé, toasté – impression de fraîcheur, – avec une pointe mentholée assez discréte touche de rusticité contrôlée, un fruité en puissance, garrigue à l’affût. puissant, soyeux et délicat – pas facile à réaliser !…..parfums de garrigue à profusion .. venez vous promener dans le parc naturel du Cap de Creus ou Parc natural del Cap de Creus et vous comprendrez ! ( ça vous changeras des rues de New-York , London, Tokyo ou Paris !!)

Bouche retenue au départ, profonde et verticale, s’allonge fortement à l’aération pour donner une superbe impression de « fluidité » musclée. Ce vin est fait pour être bu au cours d’un repas avec des plats méditerranéens, il doit donc se boire avec plaisir et une bouteille vide est le meilleur témoin, d’où cette sapidité, cette fluidité sans concession pour sa  personnalité, ce caractère. Les tanins à point sont présents en permanence, mais la structure fournie, presque grasse contribue nécessairement à la notion d’équilibre que ce vin dégage. Evidemment l’équilibre, l’élégance sont des notions, des impressions, des sensations, trés personnelles et je revendique une influence de certains Grands Couturiers: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves-Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, comme d’Artistes tels Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel ou Josep Plà.. dans le style du vin que je fais.  

Ce vin n’est pas un jus de raisin fermenté…c’est un concentré de parfums, de sensations, d’émotions, de plaisirs à partager – impérativement – avec des passionnés…de Cadaqués !  

Ce commentaire de dégustation est rédigé conjointement avec en italique les commentaires de Gérard M. – Chef Sommelier,  d’un des plus grands groupes de restauration français, et mes observations, en caractére normal, gras. Prenez beaucoup de plaisir avec cette superbe bouteille !