Londres – London… more !

mardi, 2 novembre, 2010

I had a few days very nice in London sharing my time with Thibault and Emanuel ! As a result of our work, I am delighted to confirm that Pirata « Espécial » and/or « S’Alqueria » entered a few new and good places, among them: Hibiscus** – where I met the first french Lady Master of Wine… Isabelle Legeron (Wine Lab)- and Tierra Brindisa with Angel in Soho.

A few new places for my friends leaving in London, to discover whenever in the area and when shopping in Soho !

We visited some current customers too: Marc-Andrea Levy Head-Sommelier at Angela Hartnett’s restaurant: Murano where S’Alqueria is served by the glass…

The Greenhouse Restaurant with Alexandre, UMU with Kumiko, etc….

What a pity not to have enough time to enjoy food and wine….. Hope that next time I will be able to taste Umu’s cooking as my wines and « Pirata » especially is doing quite well with japanese cooking as in Haiku in Cadaqués !

Luckily I went to have a fabulous diner at « Pied à Terre« : A french restaurant, run by an Australian Chef – Shane Osborn-  in London, with English and French sommeliers..just imagine ! Thanks again to James, Mathieu and Manu….. Just try it, too !!



London octubre 2010…

jeudi, 21 octobre, 2010

Es siempre simpatico de volver a Londres, y ademas cuando no llueve y que hay sol, aun mejor !

Toujours trés sympathique de revenir a Londres et surtout quand il fait beau et qu’il y as un peu de soleil !

Pub lunch….repas au Pub….

Tour en Mayfair con la Audi Le Mans en la calle. Incréible !!…. Promenade dans Mayfair et nez à nez avec la Audi qui courre en « Le Mans Series« ….. incroyable !!

Visitas de tiendas, como la de Michael –

Visites de clients dont le magasin de Michael : S’Alqueria est bien entouré ! Philglas & Swiggot

..y un par de comidas buenas y simpaticas como la noche con Yannick y Arnaud en sus restaurantes…

Et quelques bons repas comme la soirée avec Yannick et Arnaud dans leurs restaurants…avec un petit apéro « paté » et Carignan de la Sainte Victoire: L’antidote de Jean-Christophe Comor…..excellent !

YouTube – Pirata; Histoire de Chasse Oct 2010

Encuentro de los amigos pintores des pueblo .. »Moscardo Connection »…..

y para acabar un a cena fantastica en « Pied à Terre**« … pero hare un articulo espécial para este momiento…

et pour finir un repas magique à « Pied à Terre**« … mais je ferrais un petit article spécial…



mardi, 1 septembre, 2009

The wines of Bulli-land
31 Aug 2009 by Jancis Robinson
« Having spent quite a substantial part of 21 consecutive summers in the  western Languedoc, we are finding ourselves straying south of the  Spanish border with increasing frequency – mainly to enjoy the much  more varied and sophisticated food that’s available there.  Cassoulet  v El Bulli acolytes sprinkled liberally over the Costa Brava basically  – not much of a contest.  See, for example, Richard Neville’s recent  review of  Ca l’Enric in Your views.

The wines made in the very far north-eastern corner of Spain, in the  DO Empordà, have also been improving quite considerably. This steep,  traditionally terraced, often schistous wine country on the  Mediterranean coast is only just over the border from Banyuls in  Roussillon, and in parts the rocks look not unlike the llicorella of  Priorat, and are far from a million miles from those of the Agly Valley.

The most impressive wine I have come across from this part of the  world is the first vintage of a new enterprise, S’Alqueria 2006  Empordà. Ivo Pagès, pictured here wearing the traditional Catalan  baratina (described by him as having a similar status as a kilt in  Scotland) at a wedding,


was brought up in the wild hills, mainly  National Park, in the hinterland of Cadaquès, just round a rocky  headland from El Bulli. With experience from wineries all over Europe,  he began work on older vineyards in his homeland and this is the  result.  It is the most sophisticated blend of very old Samsó (Carignan) and Grenache Noir from Rabos, and 18-year-old Petit Verdot  and old Macabeo from Villajuiga. The result is a 13.5% subtle red  blend with considerable minerality and a whiff of the sea. It’s not  cheap, alas.  Planet of the Grapes in London want £37.50 for a bottle.  Also in London, Philglas & Swiggot are listed as stockists on Pagès  information-rich website in four languages. But the wine is certainly  classed-growth standard, and really distinctive. It’s also on the list  at restaurants such as The Greenhouse Restaurant* UMU* and Pied à Terre**,  apparently. Look out for a new style of red he is developing in tandem  with this most serious wine.

Ivo’s top new restaurant tip in his area, by the way is the Miramar in  Port Llanca which now has an ex Bulli chef installed.  We have had two  excellent lunches at the slightly more traditional Els Pescadores right on the marina where the sommelier is a delight. »

Jancis…thanks for your support and the people I work with: growers, wholesalers, restaurants, retail shops…. They had the guts tom buy my wine without knowing me, or with any media support. they just liked it  and that’s the beauty. It just confort me on the quality potential of wines from Emporda D.O.

Follow Jancis Robinson’s news on wine and food: JancisRobinson.com, for people who love good wine

S'alqueria- Single photo - copie


London: Restaurant Pied à Terre…

jeudi, 2 avril, 2009

During my last tour in the U.K. and particularly London I met Mathieu Germond the sommelier with his team. They loved my wine S’Alqueria 2006….. so the wine is now available in this superb restaurant from Charlotte Street !

Durante mi ultima visita en London encuentro a Mathieu Germond  – Sommelier – y su « Team ». Mi vino les encanto….. entonces S’Alqueria 2006 esta ahora en este excellente restaurante de Charlotte Street !  

Pied à Terre – Michelin starred restaurant, Private dining London, west end, london



2* Michelin

AA ****

27/30 in Zagat

4th in the Top 100 UK restaurant’s 2008
Enjoy great food and good wine with the advise of Mathieu and his team.
Agradeces una cena espectacular y buenos vinos  gracias a Mathieu i su « Team » !
Thanks  ….. Gracies…..  
Business information: <thibaultlavergne@hotmail.com>
S'alqueria- Single photo - PETITE