Wine Future: Rioja 1

vendredi, 13 novembre, 2009

Thanks to Catavino  ( Ryan Opaz & Gabriella Opaz ) with their  live blog at,

Here are some of the points I like to outline !

David Cunningham from Constellation Europe: « warned against the tendency to obsess over price; the industry should attempt a dialogue with the consumer more about quality than price, which is not easy in times of recession. The wine industry is the well-known drop in per capita wine consumption in the traditional wine-consuming countries. In Spain consumption is down but 72% of consumption is now in the DO’s. This is a challenge but also an opportunity at middle price points. »

Xavier Pagès, Director General Codorniu: « As a group (young or new consumers) they see wine as more sophisticated and have a very skeptical attitude toward the traditional media and have more faith in bloggers. (We at wondered if he was aware that as he was saying this, we bloggers were sending his message.) ahahaahhaaaaa !!!!

Richard Halstead CEO of Wine Intelligence ( U.K):  » restaurants are quite simply not doing their job; they are failing to engage wine drinkers as a group and these are the types you want in your restaurants because of their relative buying power. The huge problem is steep prices. There is a trend to eating “well” at home instead of going out. And high wine costs at restaurants clearly influence this trend. »

Tim Hanni M.W.: « Wine experts and sellers should…accept that people react differently to wines and that these different reactions are not a fault of education or culture but are often physiological, a simple matter of the number of buds on the tongue for example. People who hate the smell of sauvignon blanc often have grass allergies. Shoes don’t fit all people, wines don’t either. There are no masters of shoes telling us than a shoe should feel good.

S'alqueria- Single photo - PETITE

Enjoy…    IVO