Barcelona – Barcelone…..just so goooood !

vendredi, 16 décembre, 2011

5.30 pm.. just can’t face being in the cold in Cadaqués when my friends invite me for a tasting at Marc & Marla’s place in Barcelona….. GOOOO!

Vino Artesano is run by Marc & Malena…Such a little place and a true selection of wines made by  » passionate producers », so rare in Spain… sorry Catalonia :)))

Packed with people outside, and inside, nice Cava’s tasting, delicious stuff with fine bubbles (true Catalan stuff.. not the copy ), plenty of people to meet, but missing some nice friends: Dominique, Christophe, Nuria, Oriol, Pascal, Eric, Fréd, Ingrid, Pierre,  etc…… saw a STAR on my way out ! When I say a « Star », a star to my standard .. i.e. a great wine producer who has done such work to help spanish wine to be recognized in the world.. Barbier himself !

A tour in barcelonetta for diner… plenty, basic, friendly, fresh food & nice company with Vince « Ze legend »… (i.e. the guy thanks to who « J.M » was made redundant and « Sancho Pancho M.UU » designated as the vilain…)  Good laugh while dining !

Of course being in Barcelona you just can’t go for a drink without kissing Isabelle (at Monvinic)  – especially beeing French !!!  Being introduced to some nice people from the trade & a nice spanish sommelier « Tout est possible »!! First bottle was a delicious « Montilla-Moriles » ( Jerez seco style, on a different terroir..), then a bottle of « Pirata », just the normal stuff for a « Corsaire’s meeting », and to finish a delicious easy drinking red wine made in France…. yes some time they can do good stuff even in the south of France: light color, elegant, fruity and with some sort of guts:

A bit late… crawl to reach my B&B, that I will recommend with pleasure: « Salsas and Co«  ….. ZZZZZZZZZZZ……zzzzzzzzz………ZZZZZZZZZZ…… No noise… great sleep and nice breakfast …. Great time in Barcelona but time to go back to ze Bodega… meetings, tastings, printer: Have to sort out a problem for my label « Sirenes de Cadaqués » as someone in the DO is apparently jalous of the name…. Might have to change it. It is just incredible that people are not interested in making « just good wine », they have also to come and annoy you with delation and tricky things, anyway….. Let’s go for lunch, orders,etc…

End of the day for a walk around Cap de Creus in the wind ( 7-8 beaufort).. Nobody, beautiful light, great wind, nice to clean your brain…mind you, with this wind  in 10 minutes it’s done !

Now, time to see the friends in the village at Garbi’ restaurant and at MUT for a drink and « Julie & the gang » at Tropical !