Wine Pleasure, Barcelona.

samedi, 6 février, 2010

Anthony Swift organise a wine buyer seminar with producers, on a regular base. I went a few years ago as a buyer. Now I will be showing my wines as a producer… just a bit different !

Buyer meets IBERIAN Cellar

10 – 12 February 2010.

I will make contacts with people from around the world in order to promote « S’Alqueria » and « Pirata » worldwide like Dali did with his paintings !

I will also meet Xavier Torrens-Moliner a colleague producer in Penedés: Torrens Moliner . I will share meetings with him and we both hope to have good contacts .

We are staying in a Hotel just outside Barcelona …Barceló Hotel Montserrat**** 08635 Sant Esteva Sesrovires

Anthony Swift · Wine Pleasures. ·
Vino y Sol, 1 · 08779 La Llacuna, Barcelona-Spain
T +34.93.897.70.48 · F +34.93.897.60.16
M +34.687.34.57.44 · Twitter @winepleasures

Welcome to all the buyers to Spain, Catalunya and Barcelona !!


Wine Future: Rioja 2

samedi, 14 novembre, 2009

Ryan’s Speech at WineFuture Conference in Logroño, Spain:

For the past decades the everyday consumer has been ignored. I’m not talking about the high end or even weekend wine geek, but rather the consumer who likes wine, wants a better bottle and could give a shit if the wine has terroir or 90+ points. They want to enjoy the wine for what it is, social lubricant,..

Ryan Opaz - wine future

The problem is retailers, importers, and the press were all trying to sell the same package of BS that you need to “know wine” to love wine. It’s the teach first drink later model, which I believe leads too often to consumers afraid that they might do something wrong, and as a result they end up simply buying based on price and what the label looks like. Why, because they are the only things not trying to tell them that they aren’t smart enough to enjoy wine. The consumer has choices, or is starting to, and the internet is bringing us these choices.

these consumers now are talking about wine and buying wines, and are doing it with the tools they use to communicate within their social circles everyday.

Facebook, once a college meet up site, is now a place where brands are being built…While in another more recognizable form for many of us we have Social tasting note sites like Adeggaand Cellartracker which are allowing consumers to share online what wines they own and to see what their friends are drinking.

A lot of people laugh at these online tools  but it reminds me of a quote I found online: “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” This was Western Unions response to the telephones invention.

Ironically similar statements are being made about blogging today. The truth is that we are seeing the fading away of yesterdays’ tools of communication, giving way to a new way of looking at wine.

Today’s consumers have voices. The internet have given them voices, And these voices are not your competitors or enemies, but rather clients, readers, buyers, and sometimes new friends.But the real truth is that the consumer is tomorrows critic. And in the end if they don’t know where Tempranillo comes from it doesn’t matter,  they do know whether or not they like the wine. As a group they have an aggregated voice that is powerful and broad.

they will be the ones to buy your products, and share their thoughts with their friends, just like they always have. If you do not listen to them…you lose. If you choose to engage with them…you win.

Today the internet is also a conversation. It is not monologue it is a dialog. If you are not prepared to engage and talk to your consumer, be prepared for disappointment. Today’s consumer wants a conversation…no they expect one.

YEEEAAAPPP…. I could not agree more with you Ryan (Catavino ) ! Thanks.

Pirata sbarbaro

Jancis Robinson M.W. : « I can’t honestly say that we solved the wine business’s problems.  In fact I felt that we did not discuss its gravest ones – economic peril for so many – in enough detail.

b8e0fdeca0ba939af6d11827358d09510Jancis Robinson M.W. – O.B.E & Robert Parker Jr

But the conference was certainly not a waste of time, and represented a huge coup on the part of Pancho Campo (seen at the microphone) and the Wine Academy of Spain team to have managed to get such a high-profile crowd together. »

WineFuture on video | Tasting Notes & Wine Reviews from Jancis Robinson


Robert Parker’s ‘Grand Garnacha tasting »: The Grand Garnacha Tasting – Wine Future Conference – Catavino

« Tonight ( Friday 13th) in the hall of the Rioja Forum in Logrono Robert Parker sat at the head table overseeing a sold out auditorium of 450+ representatives of the wine world eager to share a glass with him. Kevin Zraly, the pre-eminent figure in wine education in the US & Pancho Campo MW, President of the Wine academy of Spain who organised the event, moderated the session. Catavino was there, live-blogging, photographing, tweeting, and recording tasting notes live on, and I was part of the team.

List of wines poured:

Châteuneauf-du-Pape –France/Francia
Domaine Charvin 2007
2. Marcoux Vieilles Vignes 2007
3. Mont Olivet – La Cuvee du Papet 2007
4. Chapoutier Barbe Rac 2007
5. Barroche Pure 2007
6. Vieille Julienne 2007
7. Pierre Usseglio-Mon Aieul 2007

Atteca Armas 2007 – DO Calatayud
9. Mancuso 2005 – Vino de la Tierra de Valdejalón
10. Espectacle 2006 – DO Montsant
11Clos Erasmus 2005 – DOCa. Priorat
12. Aquilon 2006 – DO Campo de Borja

Pandora – Alban 2006
14. Sine Qua Non Atlantis 2005

Killikanoon Duke 2006
16. Greenock Creek Cornerstone 2006
17. Clarendon Hills Old Vines Romas 2006
18. Torbreck Les Amis 2005

. Marqués de Riscal de 1945
20. Contador 2007

He ( Robert Parker)  spoke lucidly and passionately about his love of wines and his unpretentious style and incredible knowledge was somewhat captivating. For Parker the responsibility of the great winemaker is to “capture and translate the essence of your terroir and faithfully respect the vintage given to you by Mother Nature”.

Report from Raymond Magourty for « Catavino ».

YYYEEEAAAAPPPPPP…. When it’s nice…it’s nice?? STOP the fuss ! Enjoy on your own  !!

S'alqueria- Single photo - PETITE



mardi, 1 septembre, 2009

The wines of Bulli-land
31 Aug 2009 by Jancis Robinson
« Having spent quite a substantial part of 21 consecutive summers in the  western Languedoc, we are finding ourselves straying south of the  Spanish border with increasing frequency – mainly to enjoy the much  more varied and sophisticated food that’s available there.  Cassoulet  v El Bulli acolytes sprinkled liberally over the Costa Brava basically  – not much of a contest.  See, for example, Richard Neville’s recent  review of  Ca l’Enric in Your views.

The wines made in the very far north-eastern corner of Spain, in the  DO Empordà, have also been improving quite considerably. This steep,  traditionally terraced, often schistous wine country on the  Mediterranean coast is only just over the border from Banyuls in  Roussillon, and in parts the rocks look not unlike the llicorella of  Priorat, and are far from a million miles from those of the Agly Valley.

The most impressive wine I have come across from this part of the  world is the first vintage of a new enterprise, S’Alqueria 2006  Empordà. Ivo Pagès, pictured here wearing the traditional Catalan  baratina (described by him as having a similar status as a kilt in  Scotland) at a wedding,


was brought up in the wild hills, mainly  National Park, in the hinterland of Cadaquès, just round a rocky  headland from El Bulli. With experience from wineries all over Europe,  he began work on older vineyards in his homeland and this is the  result.  It is the most sophisticated blend of very old Samsó (Carignan) and Grenache Noir from Rabos, and 18-year-old Petit Verdot  and old Macabeo from Villajuiga. The result is a 13.5% subtle red  blend with considerable minerality and a whiff of the sea. It’s not  cheap, alas.  Planet of the Grapes in London want £37.50 for a bottle.  Also in London, Philglas & Swiggot are listed as stockists on Pagès  information-rich website in four languages. But the wine is certainly  classed-growth standard, and really distinctive. It’s also on the list  at restaurants such as The Greenhouse Restaurant* UMU* and Pied à Terre**,  apparently. Look out for a new style of red he is developing in tandem  with this most serious wine.

Ivo’s top new restaurant tip in his area, by the way is the Miramar in  Port Llanca which now has an ex Bulli chef installed.  We have had two  excellent lunches at the slightly more traditional Els Pescadores right on the marina where the sommelier is a delight. »

Jancis…thanks for your support and the people I work with: growers, wholesalers, restaurants, retail shops…. They had the guts tom buy my wine without knowing me, or with any media support. they just liked it  and that’s the beauty. It just confort me on the quality potential of wines from Emporda D.O.

Follow Jancis Robinson’s news on wine and food:, for people who love good wine

S'alqueria- Single photo - copie


Vinexpo 2009 Burdeos..Bordeaux…: Off Festival

dimanche, 14 juin, 2009

1re rencontre des vignerons blogueurs Vinexpo 2009

1st wine bloggers « off » meeting Vinexpo 2009

1 ro Encuentro  viticultores blogueros « off » en Vinexpo 2009

Vous êtes conviés à venir nous rencontrer et déguster S’Alqueria et les autres vins :

Come meet us, taste my S’Alqueria and other wines too: 

Lundi – Monday –  Lunes 22 juin – June – Junio  2009

de 11 à 19 heures – From 11.00am till 7.00pm – 

au Château Luchey-Halde (Mérignac) 

Les vignerons et vigneronnes blogueurs de toute l’Europe passent de l’autre coté de l’écran. Pour la première fois, ils vous invitent à venir déguster leurs vins dans une ambiance conviviale et passionnée.

From all over Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc…  from the screen to to the tasting table for a direct chat !  

Los viticultores blogueros de toda Europa pasan al otro lado de la pantalla. Por primera vez, se encuentran con sus lectores para una cata de sus vinos en un ambiente de humanidad y de pasion.


Dégustation “Vins et Toile”

Ils sont français, italiens, portugais, allemands ou américains, jeunes ou expérimentés, vignerons de “Père en Fils” ou reconvertis. Ils cultivent en biologique ou de manière conventionnelle. Pour la plupart, ils se connaissent uniquement à travers leurs blogs. Et pourtant, ces vignerons se réunissent pour la première fois pour une dégustation “Vins & Toile”.

Unis autour d’une même passion

En “off” de Vinexpo, la vingtaine de vignerons blogueurs venus de France, d’Italie et du Portugal se rassemblent pour présenter leur blog et leurs vins, le lundi 22 juin 2009 de 11h à 19h, au château Luchey-Halde à Mérignac. Professionnels du vin, nous vous donnons rendez-vous pour une rencontre chaleureuse autour des vins et de la toile.  (plan d’accès sur le blog-access map ont the blog – ) 

Pour de plus amples informations contacter – More info for this unique event – Para mas informaciones contactar a:   Emmanuelle Dupéré,                         

A bientot – See you soon – Hasta pronto.